Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


CBT £ 40.00 deposit 5 working days notice required to cancel

CBT Deposit non-refundable if rearranged without 48 hours notice

DAS, A, A2 and 125cc test courses £200.00 non-refundable deposit

7 days notice required to rearrange all test training and test dates, training fees are non-refundable once the course has started.


All our motorcycles are comprehensively insured against road risks and the company has comprehensive public liability insurance.


DMT supplies jackets, gloves and a full face approved safety helmet. Slip on shoes, sandals or dress shoes are not suitable for riding a motorcycle. Please ensure you wear suitable footwear, we recommend boots which offer ankle protection. We do not recommend steel toe capped boots. You are welcome to bring your own helmet and motorcycle clothing if you wish. DMT will not accept liability for injuries sustained as a direct consequence of not wearing a full face safety helmet.

DSA clothing requirements for test are strict and non-negotiable. You may lose your test if theses requirements are not adhered to.

Your riding ability

Compulsory Basic Training can usually be completed in a day, however you must complete each element successfully in turn. If your trainer feels you require more training to achieve a satisfactory level of riding and demonstrate your potential safety on the motorcycle, you may be required to complete some remedial training in one or more of the elements at a later date. Everyone learns at different rates it may take you one or more days to successfully complete your CBT.

If your assessed riding ability is weak and deemed too dangerous to continue, your trainer may deem it necessary to terminate your training, if damage to property or risk to life is potentially identified.

If you are not successful on Element C and you do not reach the required standard of riding, you will receive a debrief about your ability. and further advice will be given about how to move forwards with your training. Your CBT training and any further training you need to progress must be booked in advance on another date. Charged at £35 per hour


Students must pass the standard drivers eye sight test*(The ability to read a number plate from 20.5m). .


Students must have a good knowledge of Highway Code in order to participate in any on-road training


When attending a DMT course, it is essential that you bring your uptodate photo card driving license. If clients arrive without the proper documentation they will still be charged for the booking.


Weather conditions are beyond our control and therefore we are unable to accept any responsibility for disruption or financial loss caused due to adverse weather conditions however so caused.


We operate a strict no alcohol or drugs policy. Clients who appear to be unfit through alcohol or smell of alcohol or appear to be unfit through drugs, prescribed or otherwise, will be barred from participating*; the instructor’s opinion on this matter is final. Clients taking prescribed medication should ensure that side effects are not likely to inhibit their ability to operate a motorcycle safely.


On rare occasions the Driving Standards Agency may rearrange or cancel motorcycle tests at short notice, we shall endeavor to give clients maximum warning of such eventualities. These changes are out of our control and we are unable to accept any liability for losses incurred by such changes. This does not affect your right to claim compensation from the DSA directly.


If your DL196 is still valid and is lost, stolen, or defaced and was issued by DRAGON, we will replace it at a cost to the client of £20.00.

*Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions will result in the full fee being charged and no refunds given. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please take notice by booking you are in agreement with the above terms and conditions.